Amsterdam cycle routes – list

Printable cycle routes around Amsterdam – not standard tourist routes, but cross-sections of the urban region.

Listed by length, shortest and easiest routes first. There are no GPS files, because there is no platform to upload combined route and description. The description matters: unlike most cycle routes, these have a political, social, and urban perspective. All the regional routes have rural sections, but especially routes 4, 8, 9, and 10. For urban planning and urban design, try routes 5 and 8, and for dikes and historical land reclamation, routes 2, 8, and 9.

Amsterdam Cycle Route 6: western cross-section of the city
A cross-section through western Amsterdam, in roughly chronological order from 17th-century to 20th-century areas. About 3 hours. Revised January 2018.

Amsterdam Cycle Route 5: city cross-section, new nature, heritage town
Along the historic route eastwards out of the city, and across the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal to the ‘heritage town’ Weesp. Return through the failed housing projects, and the new retail/entertainment zone, of south-east Amsterdam. 40 km, 4 hours. Revised January 2018.

Amsterdam Cycle Route 7: Port, Westzaan and Zaan river
Past the west port basins, crosses the North Sea Canal by ferry, through the polder village of Westzaan, to a heritage windmill park, and back along the still-industrial Zaan riverside. 40 km, 4-5 hours. Revised February 2018.

Amsterdam Cycle Route 8: Linear villages, historic reclamation, expanding satellite town
Crosses by ferry to the northern docklands, follows a rural linear settlement north of Amsterdam, goes through the new suburbs and the historic core of Purmerend, and returns through a reclaimed lake-bed polder, and along a 19th-century ship canal. 41 km, 4-5 hours. Revised February 2018.

Amsterdam Cycle Route 10: Linear urban extension, Green Heart, Amstel river
Exits the city via Amstelveen, the most linear of the post-war extensions, into the still-rural ‘Green Heart’, and returns along the river Amstel, in its rural setting and in the city. 42 km, 4-5 hours. Revised March 2018.

Amsterdam Cycle Route 4: docklands, heritage villages, newest suburb
Through gentrified docklands and interwar housing, along the Amsterdam-Rhine canal and heritage villages, returning through Amsterdam’s newest suburb, IJburg. 46 km, about 5 hours. Revised April 2018.

Amsterdam Cycle Route 2: Spaarndam/Velserbroek, dikes, heritage, and suburban landscape
This route follows the mediaeval sea dike of the IJ estuary, through the mediaeval settlements Spaarnwoude and Spaarndam, to the castle ruin of Brederode at the edge of the dune forest, and returns via northern Haarlem. 47 km, about 5 hours. Revised with new return route, March 2018.

Amsterdam Cycle Route 9: dike villages, grassland landscape, heritage tourism
Along relict dike settlements, and interwar garden-city housing, and through the reclaimed marshes to the heritage-tourism island of Marken, returning along the mediaeval sea dike. 47 km, 5 hours. Revised April 2018.

Amsterdam Cycle Route 3 to Haarlem has been removed: the original return route by hydrofoil (along the North Sea Canal) is no longer available.

Finally, there is a much longer all-day cycle route from Amsterdam to Zyfflich – the nearest village in Germany.


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